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Deka is a Braille at half the cost!


I had a Braille B14115 in my Exige. Its a great battery. Its very lightweight, at 11.5 lbs, and has just enough juice to get the engine cranked. The downside is that after about 4 days it doesnt have enough amps left to crank the motor. Not a big deal I just use a battery tender. However after a while my Braille started dieing after only a couple days and it seemed to be loosing strength anytime I started the car. I started look for Brailles locally, and in that search I discovered that Deka was rumored to make Braille batteries.  With a B14115 coming in at about $150 and a Deka EXT14 selling at $78 it seemed like a great deal!

I found a local Deka distribution center that sold to the public.
East Penn Manufacturing Co., Inc.
1724 Trinity Valley Drive
Carrollton, TX 75006
Phone: 972-616-0682

The unit looks exactly the same as the Braille. The branding sticker is different obviously, but even the marketing terminolgy is the same. The Deka rep did say that they do in fact OEM batteries for Braille.  I've had it in the car for over a year now (installed 7-20-2010) and have had no issues. Still only get about 4 days of starting life out of it.  The Brailles may have different (better) tolerances in the specifications, but on the surface I don't see or experience any difference.

Definently recommend a Deka EXT14 is you are looking at the Braille B14115.

EXT14 and B14115 comparision 1
Marketing terms comparison

Just transfered the lug connections from my Braille and it mounted into the Sector 111 battery mount with no problem.

Deka in Sector 111 mount